Housing Law


Matt Rowland Solicitors represents clients in most areas of housing. Our Housing Law practice area embraces all aspects of residential and commercial tenancies; covers diverse issues like anti-social behaviour, disrepair, human rights, possession claims, succession and assignment. 

Our Practice areas in Housing Law are listed below:

  •     Wrongful Evictions.
  •     Judicial Review of Public Authority Decisions.
  •     Representations in Law Courts including Landlord and Tenant Litigation and Obtaining Injunctions.
  •     Leases and Assignment of Lease Agreements.
  •     Termination of Leases/Tenancy agreements.
  •     Disrepair (statutory liability, civil proceedings, public health and environmental protection)
  •     Possession Claims
  •      Advice and Assistance to EEA Citizens on their rights to housing in the UK.
  •     Homelessness & Allocation (Challenges to decisions, Persons from abroad).
  •     Trespassers and Adverse possession
  •     Harassment Cases
  •     Secure Tenancies.
  •     Evasion of statutory protection.
  •     Rent Regulation.


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